E-course for young carers

The Care2Work partnership is pleased to launch a digital learning course specifically designed for young carers. This is a short, fun, engaging and empowering digital tool that will help young carers to explore skills and competences that have acquired through their experiences in providing care to a family member.

Our research in 4 European counties (UK, Greece, Italy, Sweden) showed that despite the challenges, caring at a young age can also prove to be a positive experience that helps young people develop strong interpersonal and practical skills including teamwork, leadership, communication skills, resilience, stress management, conflict management and empathy.

Embracing this positive impact of caring as a life experience, this tool will help young carers to understand how these skills can be utilised in different environments including work or educational settings. 

Working through 3-4 short, video and scenario driven module, young participants will gain an insight into the benefits of various skills in dealing with everyday issues and in a working context with an ultimate goal to boost their employability and further support their transition to adulthood.

This e-course has been piloted by the IARS Youth Advisory Board who have shown a tremendous enthusiasm and commitment to the initiative engaging in all aspects of online activities.

The content of this online training course was built on the findings of in depth youth-led qualitative research with young carers and professionals in four European countries (UK, Sweden, Italy and Greece), conducted in the framework of the two-year Erasmus+ funded Care2Work project.

The course can be accessed below