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Online Course "Empowering Professionals to work with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Young Carers”. ERASMUS + COOPERATION FOR INNOVATION AND THE EXCHANGE OF GOOD PRACTICES IN THE FIELD OF YOUTH - CARE 2 WORK PROGRAMME

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Empowering Professionals to work with Young Carers from Minority Ethnic Groups
The course is designed to explore some skills that Young Carers develop through their caring activity, such as resilience, perception, empathy and conflict management. This course will help you to improve your knowledge and awareness on the needs and realities of young BAME carers in your country and in Europe, will provide you with key tools and resources to support young carers in empowering their soft skills and transferring them into other areas of their lives, will give you the opportunity to practice learning with realistic case studies, establishing a sense of practical application to what has been learnt. This course is available in 4 languages: English, Greek, Italian and Swedish.

Empowering Young Carers from Minority Ethnic Groups

Going through the training you will have the chance to strengthen some life-skills that will help you in your caring role as well as in your life and work. The following soft-skills have been explored: resilience, perception, stress management, empathy, motivation, anger management, team work, communication and conflict management. Courses are all available in English. Some courses are also available in Greek, Italian and Swedish.

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